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Influencer marketing software for performance-driven companies.

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One tool. Does it all.

Whether searching for ultra-niche influencers, or measuring bottom-of-the-funnel campaign metrics, Peg saves you oodles of time.

One tool. For them all.

Brands. Agencies. Big. Small. The one thing the 1,700 companies using Peg have in common is being driven by real results. Not vanity metrics.

One tool. Above them all.

Influencer Marketing Hub independently reviewed 31 influencer platforms. Peg came out on top with 5 stars in every category.

Management Tools
Interface/Ease of Use

Using Peg feels like you’re using software that’s been around for decades.

That’s not meant to say it’s slow or poorly designed (which you already figured out if you didn’t skip right ahead to this conclusion). It’s just that everything it does, it does well—really well—and so there’s this feeling you get that its creators have been doing this a long time and have seen it all.

Dave Eagle, Influencer Marketing Hub

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Identify perfect partners

Peg’s advanced search algorithms makes it beautifully easy to find YouTube & Instagram influencers across every category.

  • Keywords
  • Audience demographics
  • Brand affinity
  • Engagement levels

Now we wonder how we ever lived without Peg! It’s really become a must-have tool... Peg is super easy to use and lovely to look at.

Fran Derry, Board Director at Iris PR

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