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VidCon Australia

We recently spoke at VidCon Australia on how to run influencer marketing in a performance-driven way. Download our slides here.

Your brand's mentions

Who are your most influential fans on YouTube? Get a list of the top 20 influencers mentioning your brand.

Fastest growing influencers

Want to know who the up-and-coming, high-growth influencers are? Get a list of the 20 fastest growing influencers for your keyword.

Most and least brand-safe influencers

Curious as to who the 20 most and least brand-safe YouTube influencers are? Find out here.

Performance metrics

Get a comprehensive guide to the performance metrics a marketer should be tracking to measure ROI on influencer campaigns.

Competitor brand mentions

Compare the total number and views on YouTube, of your brand's mentions with those of your competitors.

New Influence Podcast episode

A new podcast chatting with Nic Yeeles of Peg on performance-driven influencer marketing.

Serious Influence Podcast episode

In this episode of Blogosphere: Serious Influence, Alice Audley (Blogosphere’s founder) speaks to Nic Yeeles, who is the co-founder and CEO of technology company Peg.

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